If You Are Considering An EV – You Need To Stop Having Range Anxiety, Here’s Why

EV charging logo, Road-Test.org, Iain ShanklandAccording to a recent study, 97% of short-range EV drivers do all of their charging at home (or work – where available). So why is there such a huge push among non-EV drivers for a larger public network?

Think about this: How often do you actually use a gas station? Once a week, maybe twice if you drive more often. The odds are pretty good that you consistently use just a few stations that are close to home or work – that’s it. So you’re not really using the entire network of gas stations – why would you feel you need a huge choice to plug in an EV? Continue reading

2019 Hyundai Kona 1.6T Ultimate – Road Test

2019 Hyundai Kona 1.6T Ultimate, Iain Shankland, Road-Test.org, RoadTest.coAt last year’s Canadian International AutoShow in Toronto, my wife and I were excited at the launch of the entirely new Hyundai Kona. When we heard it was going to be available as an EV we were even more interested, and it went to the top of our next future car list. We loved the colour of the launch vehicle – Acid Yellow (Lime Twist in the U.S.), we always want something out of the ordinary – something better than the typically boring silver/black/charcoal/white options that permeate society – so this was right up our alley! You may recall we’ve covered this vehicle in a very brief 15-minute test drive last year, from a local dealer. This time we got it for a week – one of the coldest and snowiest weeks of the winter. As a bonus we even got the Acid Yellow one!!! Continue reading

2020 Ford Escape Makes Its Debut With A Complete Redesign, a 3-cylinder Engine, a Hybrid AND a PHEV

2020 Ford Escape, RoadTest.co, Iain Shankland, Road-Test.org, #FordEscape #2020Escape #2020FordEscapeToday, Ford Took The Wraps Off Its (Finally) Re-Designed Compact Crossover

You can’t get a Focus anymore in North America, but the All-New Escape looks like a better replacement vehicle for those not wanting or needing a large vehicle. Riding on the company’s new global platform that debuted on the redesigned European 2019 Ford Focus, this will be the first vehicle sold in North America using this platform. Continue reading

Media Day At The 2019 Canadian International AutoShow #CIAS2019

#CIAS2019, RoadTest.co, Iain ShanklandThe great thing about attending the AutoShow during the Press/Media Day is the lack of people, and the ability to get some good shots of vehicles without a million people getting into the shot and ruining it.

The show runs from Feb. 15-24, 2019 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North and South Buildings. You can purchase tickets online at www.autoshow.ca/tickets  Note: Tuesday, Feb. 19th is Super Tuesday and tickets are only $14

Here’s a collection of my pictures from the show… Continue reading

RoadTest.co, Iain Shankland, @cdnintlautoshow, #CIAS2019, #CanadianInternationalAutoShow

Vehicles Making Their Canadian Debut At The Canadian International AutoShow (Part 2) #CIAS2019 @cdnintlautoshow

In Part 1: Horsepower & Speed we highlighted the powerful new vehicles at the show, be it supercars or pickup trucks. This time we’re focusing on the future of the automobile and transportation as we’ll come to know it.

Like it or not – EV’s are going to dominate all modes of transport in our future and that’s RoadTest.co, Iain Shankland, @cdnintlautoshow, #CIAS2019, #CanadianInternationalAutoShowfor the better.

Already China has cities that have ditched the diesel and run exclusively on electric buses… bye bye diesel fumes.

In the U.K. they are pressing forward with electric commuter trains and the infamous black cabs (taxis) are being muscled aside with the new EV variant.

Time to check out this years’ EV future and present vehicles. Continue reading

More Than 30 Vehicles Making Their Canadian Debut At The Canadian International AutoShow #CIAS2019 @cdnintlautoshow

RoadTest.co, Iain Shankland, @cdnintlautoshow, #CIAS2019, #CanadianInternationalAutoShowEvery year, the Canadian International AutoShow brings more than 1,000 new cars, trucks and SUVs in front of consumers, making it one of the best places for prospective consumers to begin shopping for their

This year, more than 30 vehicles will be making a Canadian or North American debut at the AutoShow, including passenger cars, SUVs, trucks, five concepts, racecars, electric vehicles and two all-electric racecars.

Also expected to make their Canadian debut in Toronto are undisclosed reveals from Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Subaru and McLaren.

To get you revved up, we’re giving you a 2-part breakdown of the debuts…. Continue reading