Honda Civic Celebrates 17 Years as Canada’s Best-Selling Passenger Car

2015 Honda Civic

Civic out-paces nearest competitor by more than 15,000 units

MARKHAM, ON (January 5, 2015) – With sales of 66,057 units in 2014, the Honda Civic outsold its closest competitor by more than 15,000 units to retain its position as Canada’s best-selling passenger car for the 17th consecutive year. This remarkable feat is a testament to the durability, quality and reliability that Canadians have come to expect from Honda and the delicate balance of safety, fuel efficiency and fun-to-drive attributes that Civic delivers, year after year.

“We truly value the trust that our customers put in us when they buy a Civic,” said Dave Gardner, vice president of sales and marketing, Honda Canada Inc. “Nearly every Civic sold in Canada is built for Canadians, by Canadians, right here in our Ontario manufacturing facility.  Continue reading

2010 Honda Accord Crosstour 4WD – Road Test

The Honda Crosstour is the first of several new vehicles that will be popping up in the coming months that are all quite similar. There’s the BMW 5 Series Grand Turismo, the Acura ZDX, one from Audi, and a couple of others I can’t think of at the moment. So what is it?

Basically it’s a car with a hatchback instead of a boot or trunk. Hmm haven’t we seen something like this before? I remember a Mazda 626 back in the mid-1980’s being very similar. I’m pretty sure there was some type of Toyota that was mid-sized and a hatchback, and for sure Saab have been doing it since the beginning of time.. so why the new-found interest in these hatchbacks? Beats me, but they make absolute sense and I could never understand why they were always being overlooked by the general population – at least in North America. Continue reading

2008 Honda CR-V EX-L Navi – Road Test

2008 Honda CR-V, Iain Shankland, Road-Test.orgHonda’s 3rd generation of the very popular CR-V is by far the best looking one yet. As has become the norm in the automotive kingdom, each succeeding generation of vehicles brings with it improved safety, luxuries and dimensions. Honda hasn’t diverged from the norm in their design of the CR-V.

One thing that stands out in this re-design is that this just isn’t a Honda CR-V, but an Acura CR-V. This is a baby Acura SUV in every way imaginable – including the price. From the intoxicating smell of the leather interior to the quality feel throughout, Honda have really kicked it up a notch with the 2007 Acura – I mean Honda CR-V. Continue reading

2008 Honda Civic Hybrid – Road Test

Road Test: 2008 Honda Civic hybrid
Text: Iain Shankland / Images: Honda/Iain Shankland, 2008 Honda Civic hybrid, Iain Shankland

The next-generation Honda Civic arrived late in 2005 as a 2006 model, and as with the previous generation, it is available as a coupe, 4-door and as a hybrid. Although Honda has since discontinued the Accord hybrid, they continue offering it in the Civic. Over the past year I’ve had the opportunity to road test Ford, Lexus and Toyota’s take on the hybrid, so I was long overdue to give the Honda hybrid a work-out. Visually, the only way to tell the hybrid from the regular Civic is by the 15” full-face aluminum rims that look like wheel covers and the tiny wing on the trunk lid along with the hybrid badge on the back. Continue reading

2008 Honda Fit Sport – Road Test

Road Test: 2008 Honda Fit Sport
Text: Iain Shankland / Images: Honda

2008 Honda Fit Sport, Iain Shankland,

I saw the Fit several months before Honda announced it was actually going to be sold in North America. It was different enough to catch my eye amongst all the generic looking Civics and Accords in the Honda parking lot. I gave it a quick once-over and walked away thinking it would never see the light of day in this part of the world. Several months later and Honda announced that – yes indeed – the Fit was coming to North America!

Already an established and very popular vehicle in Asia and Europe, (sold as the Honda Jazz in Europe and a number of other countries), the Fit comes to North America and it’s been winning accolades from all the major newspapers and magazines since it arrived from Japan. The Fit first appeared in Japan during the summer of 2001 and is now sold in 117 countries around the globe. It has earned numerous awards worldwide, including “Car of the Year” awards in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.  So what makes it so special? Continue reading

Honda Element,, Iain Shankland

2007 Honda Element SC – Road Test

When Honda launched the Element a couple of years ago it was aimed at the young – snow boarders, mountain bike enthusiasts, college attendees, and the like. What happened in reality was those very people couldn’t really afford it, or wouldn’t part with their money for it. Instead, the Grandparents bought it! A lot of people didn’t “get” the plastic covered fenders and rear quarter panels. They were designed so that you could lean a bike against it without worrying about scratching/denting the vehicle. It was a great idea, but the vehicle tended to look silly in any color other than black or charcoal grey. The interior was plastic and rubber so that you could hose it out after a muddy trip to the back-woods. It was shaped like a brick on wheels to maximize cargo capacity, and the clam-shell doors were employed to make it easier to load and unload your stuff. Ditto the rear split door. Continue reading