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Road-Test Special: We Go For A Spin In A LaFerrari, On The Autobahn!

On one of our numerous trips to Germany, we had the unique opportunity of getting a ride in the LaFerrari supercar… oddly enough, we’ve never posted the video here on Road-Test – even though it’s been on our YouTube page since 2016!!!

With more than 55,660 views, it’s been pretty popular, to say the least!

Well, we’ve corrected that oversight and you can now get a look at it right here.

As a precursor… we turned the comments off on YouTube because – people, you know – everyone has an opinion when they’re a keyboard warrior.

There is no commentary. For some people that was ‘clickbait” – even though we never at any point said there was commentary – we left the sound of the glorious V-12 to do the commentary for us!!

Also, the video was a bit shakey. We had all of 30 seconds to get the camera out and ready to film. I strapped the camera to my head, but that was too low, so I had to handhold it the best I could with my left hand. We wish we had a StayblCam at the time, sorry, but that’s just the way it happened.

Some disagreed with the speed we reached. Our goal that day was to get to 350 kph. We were battling time – rain was on the way and when we got out onto the highways it was surprisingly very busy. We did indeed get to 317 kph for a very brief second or two.

Most importantly… we were not driving. A former IndyCar/ELMS driver was the pilot – we were the giddy passengers.

So with that in mind, enjoy one of the highlights of our time in Germany…

Coming soon… We go for some laps around the Hockenheimring in a Ferrari 488 Spider

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