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Invisible Police Cruisers – Toronto’s Are Getting A Makeover, Iain Shankland

Toronto police cruisers are getting a dramatic makeover, and although a final decision on the design has not been made, the entire fleet will be dark grey going forward. The new police cruisers will be in stark contrast to the bright white with blue and red stripes along the side of present cruisers that will be phased out. Some of the new-look stealth cars are already on active duty around the city.

If it’s actually for crime prevention – then for visibility, it’s a non-starter. Who’s going to look for a non-police car when they need a police officer? What about these non-police cars that criminals are using now? This makes it way too easy to convert a car into a “police car” to pull over people and then rob/rape/kill/kidnap/carjack the innocent individual!

Toronto Police wouldn’t say why the service is making the change, but they have a history of making bad colour decisions for their police cruisers. Remember back in the ‘80’s? The Toronto police cars were yellow and everyone mistook them for taxi cabs. How much time was wasted when police officers were summoned by the public for what they thought was help, but was instead looking for a ride?

The service’s motto “to serve & protect” are going to be in a dark colour that blends into the vehicle – much like the actual police force, it’ll just blend into the city-scape.

I Call B.S.!!!
Ask any cop what the difference is between driving an unmarked cruiser versus a marked cruiser and they’ll tell you: “People do all kinds of bonehead things when I’m in the unmarked one, but drive properly when I’m in the marked one.”

If the police drove around in bright clearly-marked police cars then people would drive properly and behave – that’s proof right there that safety isn’t really a police priority – tickets and money is the prevailing reason for enforcement.

If safety is the priority then just “being seen” makes everyone take notice and drive better, thereby resulting in LESS accidents and SAFER roads for all of us. Police work should NOT always be about sneaking up behind people and giving out speeding tickets.

It most definitely is NOT about safety if the car is virtually, Iain Shankland

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