Road Test Special: Have You Switched Over To Your Winter Tires Yet?

With temperatures already dipping to the freezing point and some areas of the country already experiencing snow – have you switched over to your winter tires yet?roadway-snow

Remember – there’s no such thing as a good “all-season” tire – just a no-season tire. All seasons tires become suspect when temperatures dip below 7°C – that’s the point where winter tires start to come good. Continue reading

Invisible Police Cruisers – Toronto’s Are Getting A Makeover, Iain ShanklandToronto police cruisers are getting a dramatic makeover, and although a final decision on the design has not been made, the entire fleet will be dark grey going forward. The new police cruisers will be in stark contrast to the bright white with blue and red stripes along the side of present cruisers that will be phased out. Some of the new-look stealth cars are already on active duty around the city. Continue reading

Speeding Tickets – Are They For Our Safety Or Just A Tax?

The police, insurance companies and the media are all selling the myth that “Speed Kills.” It doesn’t. The use of actual facts and logic in this film eliminate the lies that lower speed limits are saving lives and an arbitrary number on a posted sign is the difference between life and death. Take the time to watch this video – it’s the best debunking of the “Speed Kills” myth I’ve ever seen….

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