Dogs “Drive” Away With Owner’s Pontiac Vibe…But The BIG Question Is…, Road-Test.orgWere they driving faster than the average Vibe owner? Answer: Probably.

A pair of dogs decided to go for a bit of a joy ride when their Yarmouth, Nova Scotia owner walked away from a car they were in. A few onlookers noticed a Pontiac Vibe slowly rolling out into traffic, and saw not human drivers at the helm but rather canine controllers. One onlooker managed to snap a picture of the pups as they rolled past.

According to CBCNews, the owner accidentally left the car in neutral and walked away for a moment. Gravity took hold, and the car began to slowly roll away.



It’s HOT Outside! Be smart and leave your best friend at home – NOT in the car!

The dog days of summer can be dangerous for dogs especially those dogs left inside hot cars.

Every year, countless dogs die after being locked in cars while their guardians work, visit, shop, or run other errands.

These tragic deaths are entirely preventable. Look at this chart to see just how quickly the temperature rises in your car….

Windows Cracked Poster - Preview

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Is It Ok To Leave Your Dog In A Parked Car? – Road Test And Beyond

Road Test Special: Summer Car Safety For Man’s Best Friend (Part 2) 

You Wouldn’t Wear A Fur Coat Into A Sauna – So Why Would You Leave Your Dog In A Parked Car?
Now that you’ve recently had your eyes opened to dangers of flying dogs in moving cars, (Man’s Best Friend – Shouldn’t He Wear A Seatbelt Too?) I thought mid-summer would be the perfect time to talk about parked cars and your beloved pet.

Every day, people around the world take their dogs (and sometimes cats, rabbits and ferrets) with them in their vehicles for trips of various lengths and reasons. Lots of people take their dogs with them everywhere, unfortunately they often don’t think about the dangers that can develop for their four-legged friends while they’re out and about. Continue reading

Man’s Best Friend, Shouldn’t He Wear A Seatbelt Too? – Road Test And Beyond

Road Test And Beyond… Special Report

Every day, people all over the world load their dogs into their vehicles. The trip could be short, or long, to the vet or off to the local park for a bit of exercise. People take their dogs everywhere – they visit friends, and they visit the dogs’ friends too. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that these outings can spell danger for their four-legged friends.

Remember the old days when you’d see a mother holding her new born baby on her lap as the family went off on a day trip? Those days are long gone. While most of us – either by choice or by the threat of a fine – wear our seat belts at all times, but what about our dogs (or cats even)? Most people don’t even think about restraining their dogs when they’re in the car.

Maybe you’ve never even thought about it.

You’re not alone – it’s just one of those things that most people overlook – until someone points it out.
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