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Subaru Vehicles Equipped With EyeSight Driver Assist System Had 60% Fewer Accidents

Tokyo, January 26, 2016 – Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) today released a survey of traffic accidents resulting in injury or death that involved Subaru vehicles sold in Japan between fiscal years 2010 and 2014. The survey reveals that vehicles equipped with the EyeSight driver-assist system had 80% fewer front-to-rear crashes

Impreza Sedan Concept,

Subaru “Impreza Sedan Concept” Makes World Debut at 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show

Tokyo, November 19, 2015 – Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), the manufacturer of Subaru automobiles, today unveiled the “Impreza Sedan Concept” at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show. The Impreza Sedan Concept is a design concept car previewing the next-generation Impreza which is to be the first one of Subaru’s next-generation strategic vehicles envisioned in FHI’s Mid-Term Management Vision “Prominence 2020″ announced in May 2014. While positioned as an entry model in the Subaru lineup, its compact body features a blend of bold expressions of Subaru’s Dynamic & Solid design elements and a quality feel beyond its class – hinting at the design direction not only of the new Impreza but of Subaru’s future models as a whole.

Road Test Special Report: 2008 Subaru WRX STI Ride & Drive Event

Road-Test was one of only a few media outlets invited to the official Ride & Drive Event of the 2008 Subaru WRX STI. I got the email just a few days before the launch asking if I wanted to attend the event. I gave it a consideration for all of 3 seconds and responded with an emphatic – YES! Usually a press launch is a basic introduction to a new vehicle followed by a relatively short pre-determined road trip lasting of roughly 30 minutes with a change of driver at the halfway point. I’d never been to a Subaru launch before, so that’s what I showed up expecting. I also arrived at the event immediately after picking up a Toyota hybrid that I’d scheduled for a two-week summer road trip. Talk about a contrast in vehicles. One is a compact full-blown rally car built for terrorizing the general populace, and the other is a mid-sized 4-door sedan designed for comfort and maximum fuel efficiency.

2006 Subaru Legacy 2.5i SE – Road Test

Subaru cars have always looked a little different, and in many cases quirky too. With the arrival of the Legacy several years ago, Subaru moved into a more mainstream-look for the mid-sized sedan and wagon. The Legacy now joins 90% of the other “vanilla-flavored” looking vehicles out there. Looking at a parking lot full of every-day cars, you can truly understand why cars such as the Dodge Magnum, Ford Mustang and the like stand out. There are so many boring, look-alike cars out there, you have to look carefully to find your own car. Unfortunately, the Legacy is now included in that mix. However, under that generic-looking sheet metal hides a fantastic car with some outstanding features that you only get to know about after you spend time with it.