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Iain Shankland,

Canada To Get A ‘Second Carbon Tax’ On July 1, 2023

Clean Fuel Regulations (CFR) Will Cost Every Working Canadian An Extra $1,277 Per Year! The federal government are set to bring in new Clean Fuel Regulations (CFR) on Canada Day (July 1) next year that are supposed to “reduce carbon emissions” – but in fact do the exact opposite according to a published report by LFX Associates of Toronto. According to the research commissioned by the advocacy group Canadians for Affordable Energy, the tax-grab will cost the average employed Canadian more than $1,277 a year – about $25 a week or $50 per week for a two-income family.

Electric Vehicles – The Answer To Every Urban Commuter’s Prayers…Or Are They?

At this year’s Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS) the stand-out theme would have to be Electric Vehicles (EVs) – at least that’s where most of the manufacturers seem to be spending their time, energy and design money. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with electric vehicles – don’t get me wrong – but the fact that they’re being touted as an urban commuter – I’m not so sure about that.

Best Car Cleaning Article – EVER!

According to the calendar, it’s Spring!  According to the thermometer, Spring is a myth here in South Central Ontario and we’re experiencing “Sprinter” (Spring/Winter). Regardless, in your region it’s either time to Spring clean your vehicle, or it soon will be! If you’re interested in getting the best out of your vehicle in terms of performance, economy, efficiency, longevity, value and head-turning admiration, you should give it some special care at least a couple of times each year. That said, has decided to bring you some Spring Cleaning tips for your vehicle. (While a thorough cleaning inside and out could take you half a day, there’s nothing wrong with splitting these tasks up into more manageable chunks that may fit better with your schedule. Just don’t cheat yourself – or your car – do them all!)

Road Test & Beyond: Time For New Tires – Should You Buy From The TIRE RACK Or Buy Locally?

If you’ve ever done a search on-line for tires or looked in any of the large auto magazines you’ve no doubt seen advertisements by a company called The Tire Rack. They have a huge selection of tires and rims for just about every make and model of vehicle sold in North America. Is it worth it for Canadians to purchase tires or rims from the U.S. or is it just more convenient and cost-effective to keep your hard-earned dollars in Canada? What kind of hassles and costs are you going to have to deal with if you end up buying from the Tire Rack? Funny you should ask…once again I took a financial hit to tell you, the reader what you might encounter. I decided to use my wife’s hard-earned dollars to purchase a set of winter tires for her car and once again I did it incognito – I didn’t tell the site (Tire Rack) or the place that installed my tires, who I was and what I was up to until after the …

It’s HOT Outside! Be Smart And Leave Your Best Friend At Home – Not In The Car!

The dog days of summer can be dangerous for dogs especially those dogs left inside hot cars. Every year, countless dogs die after being locked in cars while their guardians work, visit, shop, or run other errands. These tragic deaths are entirely preventable. Look at this chart to see just how quickly the temperature rises in your car….

Texting & Driving, Iain Shankland,

Distracted Driving … Are YOU Breaking the Law?

The dangers of distracted driving are real and the evidence speaks for itself:  drivers who use cell phones are four times more likely to be in a collision than a driver who is focused on the road. Cell phones and other wireless communication and entertainment devices are a significant visual and cognitive distraction for drivers, with average “eyes off the road” times that increase the risk of collision considerably. At highway speed, a driver sending a simple text message travels the length of a football field without looking at the road.

Is It Ok To Leave Your Dog In A Parked Car? – Road Test And Beyond

Road Test Special: Summer Car Safety For Man’s Best Friend   You Wouldn’t Wear A Fur Coat Into A Sauna – So Why Would You Leave Your Dog In A Parked Car? Now that you’ve recently had your eyes opened to dangers of flying dogs in moving cars, (Man’s Best Friend – Shouldn’t He Wear A Seatbelt Too?) I thought mid-summer would be the perfect time to talk about parked cars and your beloved pet. Every day, people around the world take their dogs (and sometimes cats, rabbits and ferrets) with them in their vehicles for trips of various lengths and reasons. Lots of people take their dogs with them everywhere and unfortunately, they often don’t think about the dangers that can develop for their four-legged friends while they’re out and about.

Man’s Best Friend, Shouldn’t He Wear A Seatbelt Too? – Road Test And Beyond

Every day, people all over the world load their dogs into their vehicles. The trip could be short, or long, to the vet or off to the local park for a bit of exercise. People take their dogs everywhere – they visit friends, and they visit the dogs’ friends too. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that these outings can spell danger for their four-legged friends. Remember the old days when you’d see a mother holding her newborn baby on her lap as the family went off on a day trip? Those days are long gone. While most of us – either by choice or by the threat of a fine – wear our seat belts at all times, but what about our dogs (or cats even)? Most people don’t even think about restraining their dogs when they’re in the car. Maybe you’ve never even thought about it. You’re not alone – it’s just one of those things that most people overlook – until someone points it out.

Should I Trade In My SUV Or Truck For An Economy Car? – Road Test And Beyond

With the price of gas going up and up, does it make sense to get rid of the SUV or V-8 car you’re now driving to buy a much smaller, more economical car? The quick and short answer is… NO!!!! All we ever hear nowadays is “Going Green.” But what is the cost to you and me for going green? After all, we are the ones that have to use our disposable incomes to purchase products and services in order to make it work. We are constantly being bombarded with people telling us to do this or that, but what is right for you? And at what cost?