Book Review: The Top Gear Story by Martin Roach


Who’s not a fan of the hugely successful TV show Top Gear? Well if you’re a thin-skinned, tree-hugging Greenpeace activist with a penchant for Political Correctness and you have no sense of humour – you won’t like it. For everyone else it’s the best show on TV.

Part car show, part comedy, part drama, part stupid-and-self-indulgent among other things, the show gets 350-500 million viewers per episode, so it’s obviously hitting the right chord with people around the world. It’s also the most-pirated TV show on earth. Continue reading

SafeHarness – the first and only portable seat belt for coach buses

SafeHarness - Bus SeatBelt

SafeHarness is all about saving lives and providing a safer environment for those engaging in motor coach travel—particularly the safety of our children and those with special needs.

Although new regulations have been envisioned requiring all new motor coach buses to be outfitted with seatbelts in the future, these regulations will not be fully implemented until 2017 at the earliest.  Note, these are merely regulations and not laws.  In addition, these regulations do not include the addition of seat belts on older models of coach buses.  These older buses, estimated to be on the road, in some instances for as many as 10 to 15 years, don’t have an option for basic seatbelt safety…until now.

SafeHarness, the first and only personal, portable seatbelt for motor coach buses, has launched a 50-day campaign on crowdfunding platform The creators hope to raise $50,000 to help bring these innovative products to market in order for all to have a choice in basic motor coach safety.

Donate to the cause and receive your very own SafeHarness as a thank you!!

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SafeHarness - Bus SeatBelt 04

Auto Eyes – Product Review

Have you ever been driving at night when you see a car coming towards you with only one headlight on? Is it a car? Or is it a motorbike, or even a truck?

It can be pretty hard to tell until you get quite close … and it’s a pretty uneasy feeling you get – especially when it’s the left light that is working … because from a distance you’re not quite sure if it’s on your side of the road or on the other side. Continue reading

Dream Garage – G-Floor Product Review – Road Test Special

Transform a Dingy Garage into Dual-Purpose Space – For a Car and a Portrait Studio

Recently my wife and I faced the daunting task of finding a more appropriate space to call home for our portrait photography business.

Needing to keep overhead to a minimum we decided to simply expand at our current location, leaving us with the daunting task of transforming a big old, ugly cluttered garage into an inviting and useable space for our clients. Since we know there are a lot of photographers out there who have converted their garages into studios we figured this would be a pretty easy task – Continue reading