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Hybrid Vehicles – How Do They Work And Should I Buy One? – Road Test Special

~ 2011 Honda CR-Z hybrid In 2006 I had the opportunity to Road Test my first two hybrid vehicles – the Ford Escape and the Toyota Camry. I wasn’t sure what to expect, other than good gas mileage and a very quiet engine. That was a long time ago and hybrids have come a long way since then with numerous manufacturers throwing their hat into the fuel-savings ring. Each time I get the opportunity to drive a hybrid, my main goal is to learn if they actually sipped fuel as promised, or whether all the hype is just another game of smoke and mirrors that tree huggers have become so adept at feeding the general public by way of the media. I always get numerous questions come my way from friends, family and complete strangers. Most are somewhat confused about what exactly a hybrid is, and that got me to thinking – how many other people are confused about them? So, with my readers in mind, here is a brief explanation and summary of my experience …

Road Test Special: Does Your Vehicle Have A Winter Emergency Kit?

Imagine this… You’re driving home from a relative’s or a friend’s house one winter evening. When you left home it was a clear, bright sunny day – but an unexpected snowstorm has quickly moved through the area and you’re trying to get home quickly and safely. The road you’re driving on could be a major highway or a country back road, but either way, it’s deserted and you see very few vehicles. Rounding a bend you start to slide off the road, and before you can do anything about it you’re well and truly stuck in the snow. You may be right beside the road, so someone passing by will see you (and hopefully won’t slide right into your car), or you may be off the road just far enough that a passing motorist wouldn’t see your vehicle as they passed by. (I came upon one motorist a couple of years ago that went into the centre median ditch and the only visible signs of his car were the taillights.) You know you have to …

Is Your Car Ready For Winter? Winter Tires Vs. Summer/All-Season Tires

Has winter arrived in your part of the world yet? In my area we usually get our first big snowstorm on or around the 15th of November, but so far this year we’re still having well-above freezing temperatures with no snow in sight!  The inevitable is going to happen sooner or later, but my usual concern when the snow starts to fly is: when do I change from my summer tires to my winter tires? I keep a record of all the work done on my car, from oil changes to brake jobs to tire changes. That’s why I know that the middle of November is my signal to change to winter tires., Iain Shankland, That’s A Wrap!

Toyota And The Runaway Vehicles – Road Test Special

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 6 months or so, you already know all about the problems and media-induced panic that has been attached to Toyota vehicles. It all started with a California Police Officer driving a loaner Lexus. Apparently, the car kept speeding up until it reached 150 mph (241km/h) whereupon he drove it right into a bridge – killing himself, his wife, daughter and brother-in-law. Before destroying a perfectly good Lexus in a ball of fire, his brother-in-law thought it would be a good idea to call emergency services for some advice. I can’t believe that with all of those people combined – their I.Q. didn’t quite reach up to the level of a worm. C’mon people… if you can’t stop the vehicle, bump the gear selector into “N”.. that means neutral – all power is then taken away from the driving wheels. Apply the brakes, pull over to the side of the road and switch off the ignition. That makes a lot more sense than killing yourself. Even …

Toyota Prius Vehicle Throttle and Brake Systems: Myth Vs. Fact – Road Test Special

Myth: The start/stop button on the dash will not turn off my Prius while it’s running. Fact: On early to 2010 models with a push-button smart key system, pushing and holding the button on the dash for about three seconds will shut off the ignition system on the vehicle – even if it’s in gear and moving along the roadway. Newer models may have different control logic – you only have to press the button briefly to shut down the vehicle. Check your Owner’s Manual for details on your vehicle’s system. Myth: The brake system on my Toyota Prius is not able to stop the car at speed with a wide-open throttle condition.

2007 Dodge Grand Caravan STX – Road Test

This review of the 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan is just one of three minivan articles that we’re presenting. You’re probably wondering – why on earth there’s a minivan review on – the racing news website?’ – It seems crazy to me too, but my wife came up with this idea, and before I had time to think about it, I was in too far in to back out! I’m not a van person, but most of my friends/family/neighbors are unfortunate individuals that have families, so they need to have minivans. Falling on the sword, I’ve buckled to their requests – nay demands – for Road Tests featuring minivans. Not only that, but I’ve arranged for a head to head, one-day minivan challenge!