2008 Honda Accord Sedan and Coupe

With a new level of engineering sophistication, the All-new 2008 Accord is designed to exceed expectations with innovative technologies, a more spacious interior, increased power, while at the same time providing outstanding fuel economy.

The 2008 Honda Accord Sedan aims to become the benchmark in its category. To stand out among midsize competitors such as the Toyota Camry and Nissan Altima, styling for the new Accord had to be more expressive and dynamic. The designers sought to create a new Accord style that is: Powerful; Bold; Sophisticated; Prestigious & Distinctive.

To that end Honda have added a more substantial front end with a distinctive 6-sided grille, taller hood line, more aggressively arched fenders, unique upper and lower style lines along the body sides, and a dynamic sweeping roofline with chrome window trim. The flow of the Accord’s dynamic lines is intentionally reminiscent of the Honda S2000 sports car.

The new Accord looks, feels, and simply is more spacious – with improved ingress and egress as well. For the first time the Accord Sedan is classified as a Large Sedan. The larger interior is intended to provide “equal” seating comfort for front and rear passengers. There is increased rear legroom and width, to allow the front seats to be positioned farther apart for a wide center. Redesigned front bucket seats are larger and feature substantial lateral support to complement the Accord’s sporty side. The fold-down lockable rear seatback increases cargo-carrying versatility. Additionally, the sedan includes a lockable pass-through for skis or long items. Even though the Accord is larger in all dimensions, its torsion rigidity has increased by 20 percent as a result of advanced body construction.

The All-New Accord is larger in all key exterior and interior dimensions. In comparison to the 2007 Accord, it is 76 mm longer, its wheelbase is up 60 mm, its track width is increased by 36 mm, and overall width has increased by 26 mm. The 2008 Accord Sedan also comes standard with 16-inch steel wheels with wheel covers, or 17-inch aluminum wheels – depending on trim level.

Compared to the restyled 2007 Nissan Altima, the Accord is now over 102 mm longer. By significantly expanding its exterior dimensions, the 2008 Accord is able to offer more interior volume, and with it, more comfort and distinct advantages over rivals Toyota Camry and Nissan Altima.

The 2008 Accord Coupe’s exterior styling reflects its fun-to-drive nature. Honda wanted to expand the segment by creating a more sporty and aggressive car. Thus the Coupe’s goal is to be the sporty leader, not only with its styling but its driving excitement as well.

For 2008, the new Accord Coupe breaks from the Accord Sedan with 100% unique sheet metal, glass and exterior lighting that creates a rakish and aggressive appearance. From its recessed grille, projector-beam halogen headlights, the Accord Coupe has 17-inch aluminum wheels standard, with 18-inch aluminum wheels available on the Coupe V-6. There are no visible exterior body panels, lights, glass, grille or bumpers shared between the Accord Sedan and Accord Coupe – only the door mirrors and door handles are common. Beneath the skin, the underlying chassis construction is the same between the Sedan and Coupe, except that the Coupe wheelbase is 60mm shorter.

With its combination of aggressive styling, dynamic performance and innovative technology, the 2008 Accord Coupe’s design takes the Accord further toward exciting, sporty performance than any Accord Coupe in history – and then delivers on that promise. Along the side of the Accord Coupe body, strong character lines extend from the front fender nearly to the tail lamps. The roofline is streamlined and flows aerodynamically from the top of the A-pillar to the rear deck. Long doors provide a generous 1092 mm opening for easy entry and exit, while an aggressive wedged shape builds a unique identity for the Coupe. The brake light and tail lamps are also unique to the Accord Coupe.

Aerodynamics & Noise Reduction Features
Reducing audible wind noise was an important Accord engineering goal, particularly high-frequency noise that can be distracting and impede conversation. The flatter bottom of the car, together with careful tailoring of the body shape, window moldings, windshield wipers and outside mirror shapes, all play a part in reducing wind noise.

All Accord models use a dual door-seal system to reduce the possibility of wind noise or rain intrusion. To further reduce operating noise, the 190 hp 4-cylinder and V-6 Accords feature under-hood noise insulators and acoustic engine covers. Accord Sedan and Coupe V-6 with automatic transmission, and all four-cylinder EX models, also feature a special Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) system.

Aerodynamic efficiency is likewise improved. The coefficient of drag for the 2008 Accord is just over 0.31 Cd for the Sedan and 0.33 Cd for the Coupe. This compares favorably with the 0.34 Cd figure for the previous-generation Accord.

Fuel Tank
Fuel capacity has increased 8%, helping extend cruising range between fill-ups. Made of polypropylene resin, the tank is located farther forward than in the previous generation Accord, helping to improve ride and handling, and rear-seat roominess.

Longer Wheelbase and Wider Track
To increase roominess, stability and ride quality, the 2008 Accord Sedan and Coupe both have a longer wheelbase and a wider wheel track. The wheelbase is up 60 mm in the Sedan and 70 mm in the Coupe, while track increases about 37 mm for the Sedan and 28 mm for the Coupe.

Choice Of Engines
The Accord is available with two variations of a 2.4-litre 4-cylinder and two iterations of the 3.5-litre V-6 engine. The two 4-cylinder engines produce 177 and 190 horsepower respectively, with estimated fuel economy ratings of 25 mpg [9.4 L/100km] city and 36.2 mpg [6.5 L/100km] highway (with manual transmission).

An available 3.5-litre i-VTEC V-6 engine produces 268 horsepower (the most ever for any Accord), while introducing a new generation of fuel-saving advanced Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) technology as well as low emissions. The VCM system operates in six-cylinder mode for power and in 4- and 3-cylinder modes for efficiency, resulting in an estimated fuel economy rating of 21.4 mpg [11.0 L/100km] city and 35.1 mpg [6.7 L/100 km] highway. A VTEC version of the 3.5-litre engine is featured in the Accord Coupe EX-L V-6 with 6-speed manual transmission.

Another innovative technology for Accord is Variable Gear Ratio (VGR) steering. This new steering system uses variable mechanical ratio steering, in addition to variable power assist, to provide precise on-center feel and greater responsiveness at larger steering angles.

Honda continues to provide the highest level of occupant safety protection in all its cars and trucks, regardless of size or price. Every 2008 Accord integrates sophisticated safety technology that includes driver’s and front passenger’s dual-chamber side airbags and side curtain airbags in addition to the driver and front passenger’s airbags.

New for Accord is an Advanced Compatibility Engineering(TM) (ACE) body structure that enhances frontal collision compatibility with vehicles of different sizes and bumper heights. All Accords also feature active head restraints designed to help reduce the severity of neck injury in the event of a rear collision. Standard active safety features include Vehicle Stability Assist and four-wheel-disc anti-lock brake system with brake assist and electronic brake distribution.

The All-New Honda Accord sedan and coupe go on sale September 21, 2007. Pricing is TBA.

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