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Land Rover Discovery Sport, Iain Shankland,

2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport – Road Test

I really love the look of the 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport (all-new in 2015) – not to be confused with the LR4 or Evoque! When I saw it at the auto show last February I expected it to be expensive, but not so… I asked my wife what she thought the price was – she’s really good at getting the price within $1,000 in 99% of vehicles. “Considering it’s a Land Rover: $80-100k” OK, but what do you think it should cost? “I think $60-80,000 would be acceptable with the options and trim level” How ‘bout $50k the way it’s kitted out? Eyes bug out – I think she’s rather impressed!! But what about after a week – will we still be enamoured with it?

2010 Lexus RX 450h (Hybrid) – Road Test

It’s been a couple of years since I last drove the Lexus RX hybrid. It was so outstanding my wife and I wanted to trade our first-born for one.. too bad we only had a chinchilla to trade. For the 2010 model, Lexus have re-designed the RX from the ground up… sounds like the perfect reason to grab the keys and see if it can measure up to the previous model.

2009 BMW X5 4.8i M Sport Edition – Road Test

When BMW decided it was time to re-design the X5, I wondered – “How can you improve on perfection?” After-all the X5 was without a doubt THE best-looking SUV available at any price. When I saw the all-new 2008 version I got my answer: It’s even more perfect. The competition upped the ante a year or so ago – the Mercedes-Benz M-Class looks fantastic now that it’s been redesigned – no longer a minivan lookalike – but a very fine SUV. Lexus redesigned all of their SUV’s but sexy is not a word I’d use to describe them. The Range Rover Sport looks the part, but BMW has managed to put their SUV back on the top.