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2010 Kia Soul 4u SX – Road Test

Our summer quest for a new vehicle continues this week with the Kia Soul 4u SX. Although we drove the Soul a short while ago, we decided to re-visit it as a potential purchase after we saw the SX version at the auto show back in February of this year. I asked Kia if they would be kind enough to let me have it for an extended period of time – 3 weeks to see just how much we would like it. They graciously agreed, but one of my fellow journalists did what we all fear when driving company cars.. he or she got in an accident rendering the vehicle unavailable for yours truly.  Fortunately, that gave me the opportunity to drive the Sorento for two weeks and we thoroughly enjoyed that, but this left us with just one week to evaluate the Soul.

2010 Kia Soul 4u+ – Road Test

When my wife first laid her eyes on the Kia Soul at the auto show, right then and there she wanted one. I was intrigued, but not overly thrilled at owning one (I don’t have a vehicle of my own – that’s what road test vehicles are for). To stop my ears from bleeding because of my wife’s incessant nagging, I asked the Kia PR department for one to test at the earliest possible moment. That time has now arrived. I wasn’t enamored with the Soul’s mediocre 142 horsepower (106 Kw) and the look is certainly “different.” I am however, interested in any vehicle that can be purchased at such a reasonable price and wanted to know how useful it could be. Within just a few minutes of driving it, my whole attitude towards it changed. The only “cheap” part of this vehicle is its price – everything else is better than you’d expect from a vehicle with a base price of just $15,495 Cdn. First Impressions I don’t dislike the look, but it’s completely …

2008 Honda Fit Sport – Road Test

I saw the Fit several months before Honda announced it was actually going to be sold in North America. It was different enough to catch my eye amongst all the generic-looking Civics and Accords in the Honda parking lot. I gave it a quick once-over and walked away thinking it would never see the light of day in this part of the world. Several months later and Honda announced that – yes indeed – the Fit was coming to North America! Already an established and very popular vehicle in Asia and Europe, (sold as the Honda Jazz in Europe and a number of other countries), the Fit comes to North America and it’s been winning accolades from all the major newspapers and magazines since it arrived from Japan. The Fit first appeared in Japan during the summer of 2001 and is now sold in 117 countries around the globe. It has earned numerous awards worldwide, including “Car of the Year” awards in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.  So what makes it so …

Should I trade in my SUV for an economy car, Iain Shankland,

2006 Ford Focus SES with GFX Package – Road Test

The Ford Focus has been around since 2000, coming out as a 2001 model. It’s had a minor re-working over the past few years, but by and large it’s still pretty much the same Focus that arrived in 2000. For some reason Ford has left us with the first-generation model here in North America while Europe has moved on to a second-generation that I think is much better looking. Anyone that’s been to a Champ Car race over the past couple of years would have seen a V-8 version of the Focus running around the track between events … I’m sure though that most people would have been happier if Ford had just stuffed a V-6 into the engine bay and sold it to the general population instead of showing us a one-off that we’ll never get the option of purchasing.