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Book Review: The Top Gear Story by Martin Roach

Who’s not a fan of the hugely successful TV show Top Gear? Well if you’re a thin-skinned, tree-hugging Greenpeace activist with a penchant for Political Correctness and you have no sense of humour – you won’t like it. For everyone else it’s the best show on TV. Part car show, part comedy, part drama, part stupid-and-self-indulgent among other things, the show gets 350-500 million viewers per episode, so it’s obviously hitting the right chord with people around the world. It’s also the most-pirated TV show on earth.

2009 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab – Road Test

Toyota trucks have been known worldwide for years as being indestructible. If you’ve ever seen the BBC TV show Top Gear, then you’ll know how much abuse the Toyota can take and still live to drive home. They’ve sunk it in a lake, set it on fire and put it on top of a building and then blew up the building – and it still runs!!!! We know that Toyota build dependable cars and trucks – that’s a given. You just have to look at the news to see how many rebel forces use Toyota trucks to overthrow the government. It doesn’t matter what continent they are on – Toyota is the truck of choice. I had no intentions of overthrowing a government, but I did have to take some stuff to the dump. It was mostly old kitchen cabinets that I had to sledgehammer down to size, so there was no need to get a full-size pickup truck. I’d already road-tested the Dodge Dakota so I didn’t want to get that again.