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Hybrid Vehicles – How Do They Work And Should I Buy One? – Road Test Special

~ 2011 Honda CR-Z hybrid In 2006 I had the opportunity to Road Test my first two hybrid vehicles – the Ford Escape and the Toyota Camry. I wasn’t sure what to expect, other than good gas mileage and a very quiet engine. That was a long time ago and hybrids have come a long way since then with numerous manufacturers throwing their hat into the fuel-savings ring. Each time I get the opportunity to drive a hybrid, my main goal is to learn if they actually sipped fuel as promised, or whether all the hype is just another game of smoke and mirrors that tree huggers have become so adept at feeding the general public by way of the media. I always get numerous questions come my way from friends, family and complete strangers. Most are somewhat confused about what exactly a hybrid is, and that got me to thinking – how many other people are confused about them? So, with my readers in mind, here is a brief explanation and summary of my experience …

Man’s Best Friend, Shouldn’t He Wear A Seatbelt Too? – Road Test And Beyond

Every day, people all over the world load their dogs into their vehicles. The trip could be short, or long, to the vet or off to the local park for a bit of exercise. People take their dogs everywhere – they visit friends, and they visit the dogs’ friends too. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that these outings can spell danger for their four-legged friends. Remember the old days when you’d see a mother holding her newborn baby on her lap as the family went off on a day trip? Those days are long gone. While most of us – either by choice or by the threat of a fine – wear our seat belts at all times, but what about our dogs (or cats even)? Most people don’t even think about restraining their dogs when they’re in the car. Maybe you’ve never even thought about it. You’re not alone – it’s just one of those things that most people overlook – until someone points it out.

2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel – SPECIAL REPORT

Last week I had the privilege of being included in a select group of automotive journalists who were invited to test drive the new Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel – Chrysler Group’s first diesel-powered, full-size SUV ever to be offered in Canada.  Previously only available in European markets, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel delivers a combination of performance and fuel economy that is well-suited to the demands of Canadian SUV buyers. At the moment there are no plans to sell the Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel in the U.S. In case you haven’t noticed, the Chrysler group is the only major manufacturer that doesn’t currently offer a hybrid vehicle to the general public. While that situation is going to change in the very near future with the launch of the Dodge Durango hybrid, the Chrysler Group is also being considerate to the environment as they expand their line up of cleaner diesel vehicles.