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2010 BMW 550i Gran Turismo – Road Test

BMW are going into a whole new territory with the all-new 5 Series Gran Turismo. Instead of the familiar 4-door sedan, they are combining it with a genuine rear hatch to make it a 5-door luxury sedan. This may not seem too out of place in Europe, but in North America hatchbacks are never popular – something I just can’t fathom for the life of me.  That said, the Gran Turismo also offers a more traditional trunk/boot opening in addition to the full-size hatch – I don’t know how well it will go over, but I think BMW are on to something here – it works superbly.

2008 Honda CR-V EX-L Navi – Road Test

Honda’s 3rd generation of the very popular CR-V is by far the best looking one yet. As has become the norm in the automotive kingdom, each succeeding generation of vehicles brings with it improved safety, luxuries and dimensions. Honda hasn’t diverged from the norm in their design of the CR-V. One thing that stands out in this re-design is that this just isn’t a Honda CR-V, but an Acura CR-V. This is a baby Acura SUV in every way imaginable – including the price. From the intoxicating smell of the leather interior to the quality feel throughout, Honda have really kicked it up a notch with the 2008 Acura – I mean Honda CR-V.