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Texting While Driving,

Distracted Drivers Texting And Facebooking – How Long Before One Of Them Kills You Or Someone You Love?

On July 24, 2013 Toyota USA in conjunction with the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) released the results of an extensive study with bone-chilling statistics. The UMTRI/Toyota Teen Driver Distraction Study, the largest scientific survey of its kind, included teens (aged 16-18) and adults across America and in Houston, Texas found that twenty-seven percent of Houston teens said they read a text or email every time they drive, compared to nearly thirty percent nationally.  Twenty-four percent respond to a text while driving, which is the same as the national average for teens.  Perhaps even more alarming, about one in five Houston teens (22 percent) have extended conversations via text message while driving. Other key findings include: Cell phone use by teen drivers and parents in Houston is pervasive:  Sixty-seven percent of teens in the Houston area report using a cell phone while driving (hands-free and/or hand-held).  Eighty-three percent of parents do the same. Teens in Houston regularly drive with young passengers and no adults, despite serious risks:  62 percent of teen drivers in …

Auto Eyes – Product Review

Have you ever been driving at night when you see a car coming towards you with only one headlight on? Is it a car? Or is it a motorbike, or even a truck? It can be pretty hard to tell until you get quite close … and it’s a pretty uneasy feeling you get – especially when it’s the left light that is working … because from a distance you’re not quite sure if it’s on your side of the road or on the other side.