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All-New 2015 Kia Sedona Makes Global Debut

Completely Redesigned Midsize Multi-purpose Vehicle Raises the Bar in the Segment with Innovative Technology, Style and Added Safety Features NEW YORK, April 14, 2014 – Set against the backdrop of one of the world’s premier urban playgrounds, Kia Motors America (KMA) today took the wraps off the all-new 2015 Sedona midsize multi-purpose vehicle in New York City. As the final chapter in Kia’s design-led transformation story – which began in 2009 and has seen a comprehensive makeover of Kia’s entire model line under the direction of chief design officer Peter Schreyer – the all-new Sedona’s CUV-like styling and proportions offer all of the functional convenience of the segment while defying its design limitations.

2013 Ford C-MAX Energi SEL – Road Test

The All-New C-MAX is a great looking little city runabout that’s sure to stand out in a crowd. With the world striving to go green, manufacturers are forever trying to find a way to make vehicles more fuel-efficient. Each manufacturer has their own take on how to save the planet – for some it’s hydrogen, for others it’s diesel, hybrid, electric or combinations thereof. The C-MAX is a different animal – it straddles the realm between and EV and a hybrid. Its forté is that you can plug it in and run on electric-only for short trips around town – where the majority of pollutants are emitted in stop-and-go traffic. Unlike other EVs it has a real motor to extend its range, making the C-MAX far more desirable than your standard EV or hybrid.

2011 Toyota Sienna SE – Road Test

What came first – kids or minivans? Do you buy a minivan because you’ve got kids or did you get kids because you bought a minivan? When was the last time you looked at a minivan and said: “Wow, that looks pretty good.. I wonder how it handles?” Yeah, me neither – until this past summer when I was parking next to a 2011 Toyota Sienna SE at the Toronto IndyCar race. It caught my eye because it was so big and the rear wing and side skirts actually made it… dare I say it… sporty looking!

2007 Chrysler Pacifica – Road Test

I didn’t have the opportunity to Road Test the last iteration of the Chrysler Pacifica so I can’t compare the new to the out-going version. However, I have had the opportunity to drive a number of SUV/CUV’s (Crossover Utility Vehicle) over the past few months so I have a good feel to how the Pacifica compares to its targeted competitors. Unless you’re a Pacifica owner or a Chrysler devotee, you probably won’t recognize the exterior differences between the two models. The most noticeable updates are the headlights, creases in the hood and dual exhaust. 

2007 Mazda5 GT – Road Test

Ever since I set my eyes on the Mazda5 I’ve been looking forward to spending some time with it to put it through its paces. The real question is: what is it? Is it a minivan? A large station wagon? Or one of those newly-labeled cross over vehicles? Probably the best label you could give it would is “microvan.” It does more than a station wagon and is, therefore, closer to a minivan, but don’t let that put you off … in typical Mazda style, this little people mover has Zoom-Zoom and is sportier than your average van.  Mazda calls it a Multi-Activity Vehicle.