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2008 Audi TT Coupe 2.0 – Road Test

It had to happen sooner or later! After more than two years at the top of my “I’d buy it, money-no-object list – my beloved Mazda RX8 has been unceremoniously shoved aside. I didn’t see this one coming, it completely blind-sided me. I knew one day it would happen – I just didn’t think it would come from Audi. I liked the previous model of the TT, but when Audi re-designed it for 2007 I took more than a passing interest in it. It looked more grown up, and less of a “Girlie Car.” Early reports were positive that yes indeed it was manlier – so I HAD to get my mitts on one. It took a while to coordinate my schedule with Audi’s, but it was well worth the wait.