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2016 Ford Edge Sport, Iain Shankland,

2016 Ford Edge Sport – Road Test

I’ve driven every model of the Edge right from when it was launched back in 2007 and every iteration improved on the previous version – quite extensively in some cases, so naturally the new 2016 model was going to be terrific, right? And for a bonus I got my hands on the Sport model – by far the best-looking version of this CUV/SUV. I LOVE the look of this (not the colour though), but this was going to be a week of fun, enjoyment and drooling. WRONG!!! Oh dear, this was not what I’d expected.

2007 Dodge Nitro SLT – Road Test

When I saw the Dodge Nitro at the Toronto International Auto Show a couple of years ago, and I thought it was a great-looking truck in a manly sort of way. I knew right away it would be the kind of vehicle people would either love or hate immediately. Unlike the swoopy offerings from Mazda (CX-7) and Acura (RDX), the Nitro is as square as a brick. The front end is completely upright and square, making the Hummer H2 look aerodynamic. The sides and front windshield are equally upright, adding to the drag co-efficiency (cd) of .39 and a wind resistance-be-damned attitude to the truck. With its big bulging wheel wells and beefy tires, this truck has a real presence – it’s not going to disappear amongst all the other SUV’s in the parking lot that’s for sure!

2007 Mazda CX-7 GS – Road Test

When I first saw the MX-Crossport Concept Vehicle (now known as the Mazda CX-7) at the Toronto International Auto Show 18 months ago, I thought it was a nice looking, but impractical SUV/Concept vehicle. I was somewhat surprised when I saw the actual pre-production version at this past February’s Auto Show. It doesn’t look like any other SUV on the road today. It’s not boxy and generic-looking, it’s actually more Sport than Utility looking. From the front, it looks a lot like the Mazda RX-8 sports car – especially if you’re looking at it through your rear-view mirror. It certainly looks like its got zoom – but does it have Zoom-Zoom? Oh yeah, it goes like stink!