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2010 Kia Soul 4u SX – Road Test

Our summer quest for a new vehicle continues this week with the Kia Soul 4u SX. Although we drove the Soul a short while ago, we decided to re-visit it as a potential purchase after we saw the SX version at the auto show back in February of this year. I asked Kia if they would be kind enough to let me have it for an extended period of time – 3 weeks to see just how much we would like it. They graciously agreed, but one of my fellow journalists did what we all fear when driving company cars.. he or she got in an accident rendering the vehicle unavailable for yours truly.  Fortunately, that gave me the opportunity to drive the Sorento for two weeks and we thoroughly enjoyed that, but this left us with just one week to evaluate the Soul.

We Drive The European Ford Fiesta A Year Before Arriving In North America

Road Test Special – 2011 Ford Fiesta Ride & Drive Ford is the only one of the “Big Three” that didn’t declare bankruptcy and they didn’t go crawling to the U.S. and Canadian governments for money to keep them alive. Thanks to CEO Alan Mulally, Ford lined up loans and lines of credit worth $23.6 billion against its assets while they were still worth something – just in case they ran into trouble.  Ford is poised to emerge as the largest US automaker, and Mulally has said many times that Ford should return to profitability in 2009 (which in fact they already have). Apart from arranging loans while the banks were still drunk with stupidity, Mulally also sold off Jaguar and Land Rover. Looking to the huge successes of the European arm of Ford, Mulally quickly set about arranging to bring some of that success to North America.