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2022 Ford Ranger Lariat FX4, Iain Shankland,

2022 Ford Ranger Lariat FX4 – Road Test 

The present-day Ford Ranger arrived in North America as an all-new model back in 2019, even though it wasn’t actually new – it debuted in Australia back in 2012. Back in 2019 we got our hands on the Lariat version and last year we had the phenomenal Tremor version – probably by far our favourite truck ever. This time we’re driving a Lariat with the FX4 off road package – it sits somewhere between our two previous Rangers. It’s essentially the final time to try the Ranger because the All-New from the ground up version will arrive early next year, as a 2023 model.

Iain Shankland,

2021 Ford Ranger Tremor – Road Test 

Last year we had the opportunity to drive loads of F-150’s during the lockdown. What has that got to do with the Ranger? Well, 99% of the people we talk to always say: “Why would you buy/lease a Ranger when it’s almost the same price as the F-150?” As someone that’s got plenty of experience driving both, it’s a no-brainer for me (and the wife) the Ranger wins every single time. It’s the better and more usable size of the two. It’s easier to drive, park and get in and out of. Unless you are towing big heavy trailers all the time, or you need a LOT of passenger space in the back, there is no need for you to get the F-150 over the Ranger.

2022 Santa Cruz,, Iain Shankland

It’s HERE…It’s Finally Here!!! – The All-New 2022 Santa Cruz

Hyundai revealed the All-New 2022 Santa Cruz on Thursday, and it’s going on sale this summer. After first seeing it 6 years ago, it’s now actually going to be available, but excitement quickly turned to disappointment as it’s based on the All-New Tucson and not the larger Santa Fe as we were expecting, so it’s much smaller and a lot less useful.

2009 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab – Road Test

Toyota trucks have been known worldwide for years as being indestructible. If you’ve ever seen the BBC TV show Top Gear, then you’ll know how much abuse the Toyota can take and still live to drive home. They’ve sunk it in a lake, set it on fire and put it on top of a building and then blew up the building – and it still runs!!!! We know that Toyota build dependable cars and trucks – that’s a given. You just have to look at the news to see how many rebel forces use Toyota trucks to overthrow the government. It doesn’t matter what continent they are on – Toyota is the truck of choice. I had no intentions of overthrowing a government, but I did have to take some stuff to the dump. It was mostly old kitchen cabinets that I had to sledgehammer down to size, so there was no need to get a full-size pickup truck. I’d already road-tested the Dodge Dakota so I didn’t want to get that again.