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2009 Dodge Charger SRT8 – Road Test

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to drive the Daytona Charger. It was bright Orange and turned out to be a head-turner for people of all ages – men and women, kids and dogs. When Chrysler handed me the keys to the SRT8 I was a little disappointed because it was just plain black. However it wasn’t just plain black – it was pearlescent black – very classy, until it rained. Then it was just dirty. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do with black cars to keep them clean, except clean them constantly. On the positive side, the SRT8 didn’t bring any undue attention upon itself – only car guys knew what it was (and there were plenty of them).  For the most part however, we managed to drive around un-noticed until I touched the gas pedal. Like music to my ears, the sound of that V-8 is addictive! The deep growl and burble brought back memories of a couple of summers ago – along with some goose bumps too.