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That’s A Wrap! The Latest Automotive News From Around The Web – April 15, 2021

Highlights from this week include: Zoom Zombies behind the wheel; An EV battery battle comes to an end; China leads the world in EV options; Tesla now lets you buy it’s cheapest car online in Canada; VW are back in the news and it’s good news; David Beckham gets free cars from Maserati; the Mustang is the world’s best-selling sports car – again; there’s a chip shortage (not the kind you eat); and Honda launches the all new Civic and more…

Lexus 4.6 Driving-Disrupted -

Lexus Can Change Your Mind About Texting and Driving In 4.6 Seconds

How long do you think it takes to glance at a text message when you’re driving? One second? Two seconds? You’re not alone. Most drivers believe that texting and driving creates only a momentary distraction. Today on April 6, or 4.6, Lexus has released a new video to shatter this common misconception. The average length of time it actually takes to send or receive a text message when you’re behind the wheel is 4.6 seconds, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Being Able To Safely Talk & Text While Driving Is Delusional – Here’s The Proof

Contrary to popular belief, humans are incapable of multi-tasking – doing more than one thing at a time and doing it competently As Robyn Robertson, the president of the Traffic Injury Research Foundation puts it: “Multitasking is a myth, but we often convince ourselves that we are capable of it. Humans are serial processors of information and they are only capable of consciously focusing on one task at a time.” Recent studies prove that it’s not just holding the device in your hand that’s an issue. Here are some eye-popping statistics from the Canadian Automobile Association (March 2014)… It takes 33.6 seconds to reply to a text, 10.6 seconds to answer a cell phone, and 26.7 seconds to adjust a GPS That’s pretty quick – right? Well according to Canadian Global Road Safety Research, 80 percent of all collisions occur when drivers look away for three seconds or less. AT 90 km/h (55 MPH) TEXTING TAKES YOUR EYES OFF THE ROAD FOR AN AVERAGE OF 4.6 SECONDS, THE EQUIVALENT  OF DRIVING THE LENGTH OF AN ENTIRE FOOTBALL FIELD.  THREE …


DISTRACTED DRIVING – Responsible For 8 Out Of 10 Collisions

DISTRACTED DRIVING While numbers may vary, the evidence to date clearly shows that driver distraction is an important issue for road safety. CAA believes that the rise of habits that constitute distracted driving, and particularly texting while driving, over the past decade, is a serious cause for concern. THE ISSUE WITH DISTRACTION… Even a moment’s distraction can be dangerous for you as a driver and to everyone around you on the road. Based on a recent CAA time trial, replying to a text message takes an average of 33.6 seconds. If you’re driving on a residential road, this means you may have missed 85 parked cars, 36 houses or 5 intersections. Maybe you didn’t see the vehicle that was backing down a driveway or maybe it was the young cyclists who may have suddenly turned into your path. Just imagine what else you may have missed, and the consequences that could follow.