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2015 Ford Mustang Convertible – Road Test

In 2015 Ford Mustang celebrates its 50th Anniversary with an all-new design and a year-long celebration. Last year we spent a lot of time around the Mustang, but there weren’t any available to test drive until early this year. Finally I got the keys to a convertible version – perfect for nice hot summer days. Along with the drop-top came a manual transmission – extremely rare in this day and age of automatics… and an incredible audio system. Does it get better than this? Some may say – of course it does – you shoulda got the 5.0 GT!! That’s true, but I wanted the 4-cylinder version because it’s got more HP than the V6 and is supposed to offer better fuel mileage… besides, I’ll test the GT later.

2011 Ford Mustang V-6 Convertible – Road Test

My first experience with a Ford Mustang was way back in the summer of 1969 when a friend of my Mum had one. She dropped the top and I can still feel the sun beating down on my head and my hair getting messed up with the wind… ahh memories! I was only 7 years old, but I still remember it like it was last year… I nagged my Dad for ages to go out and buy one, but he was sticking to driving around in a 1965 Ford Galaxy wagon that was as long as an aircraft carrier. Fast forward to 1978 and we’d just moved to Canada – fresh off the plane and what do I try and get my dad to buy? A 1978 Ford Mustang – I knew he wouldn’t keep it for long, and I would either inherit it or buy it from him. Alas, he bought another land yacht – which I inherited two years later. I still haven’t gotten around to buying my own Mustang yet, but at …

2011 Dodge Challenger R/T Classic – Road Test

“Oooh – That is beau-ti-ful…Has that got a HEMI?” “Yep” “Is it YOURS?!” “Unfortunately…. no it isn’t” …And so began my first encounter with people just 10 minutes after picking up the Dodge Challenger R/T from Chrysler. I’m surprised I didn’t cause accidents as people stared, open-mouthed and gob-smacked where ever I went. One older gentleman behind the wheel of a big SUV dropped his jaw, took off his sunglasses and just stared at the car as his grey-haired wife smiled one of those lusting smiles at me – or was it the car?