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2007 Toyota Matrix,, Iain Shankland

2007 Toyota Matrix – Road Test

The Toyota Matrix and the Pontiac Vibe are built side by side at Toyota’s plant in Cambridge Ontario, and share everything but the name and a few cosmetic details such as the front nose treatment. So for this Road Test, it would be safe to say that except for minor details, we’re actually testing two vehicles this week. Toyota and General Motors have worked together in the past on such memorable cars as the mid-”80s Corolla and Chevy Nova. Thankfully this co-branding project has yielded a much more attractive car than those dogs, where GM”s bean counters obviously had too much input. I had a friend that owned one of those junkers, and let’s just say a Lada would have been a better choice. One can only assume the advantage to Toyota is the shared cost of designing and building these twins, as the General certainly gets the better end of the deal. Instead of using their usual 12-18-year time frame between model changes, GM are going to be getting a new Vibe every 4 …