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Special Report: A1GP Team Canada (Part #1)

A1 Team Canada made a special appearance in Toronto on Friday to announce the recent addition of Patrick Carpentier to the fold.  This announcement and media conference comes as the team and the series attempts to stir public excitement in this unique race series. Paddock Talk had the opportunity to attend the Toronto media presentation and is pleased to share the following. The announcement that Canadian driver Patrick Carpentier will join the team and race for his Country in Monterrey Mexico and the U.S. race at Laguna Seca was a great boost to A1 Team Canada and to the series’ profile in Canada. Until now the series has reached a TV audience that covers 80% of the world, however there is currently no coverage in North America.  While A1GP has gone through the first half of the season with very little television exposure here in Canada and the USA, the race events are accessible live via high-speed Internet access at

Iain's Fab 5 - PaddockTalk 2005

Iain’s 2005 Fab Photos (

I’ve been obsessed with cars and motor racing since the day I was born. Growing up in Scotland we had Formula 1 and various types of rally races on TV, that was about it. When I moved to Canada in ’78 I discovered a whole world of motor racing – from snowmobiles to lawnmowers to swamp buggies. It was the Indy Cars that caught my attention and I’ve loved that type of racing ever since.

Two-Seater IRL IndyCar Ride Provides Exhilaration To An Old Guy On An Old Track

Two-Seater IRL IndyCar Ride Provides Exhilaration To An Old Guy On An Old Track

Two Laps Around The Historic Watkins Glen Raceway Today was a very big day for me … Today, I got to cross one more thing off my list of “things I’ve always wanted to do, but never dreamed I’d have the chance”. Today I had the privilege of doing laps with Davey Hamilton in the 2-seater IndyCar at the historic Watkins Glen International Raceway. What a rush! The whole experience was so much more than I ever could have imagined. It gives you a completely new respect for these race car drivers. The speeds, braking and cornering were so much more extreme than I thought they’d be … they seemed unnaturally exaggerated … bigger than life!

Danica Patrick- What's the big deal?

Danica Patrick: What’s the big deal?

First of all, let me set the record straight here, I like Danica. I met her in Homestead. She wasn’t snobbish or bigheaded. I was around her for several interviews and she’s very “normal.” Whenever I’ve seen her interviewed on TV, she’s been down-to-earth, again “normal”. I’ve neither seen nor heard of her making any big deal about herself. Personally, I think whoever advised her to get into a bikini and drape herself over those cars in pre-season should be fired. It degraded her and the sport. She’s young and she’s inevitably going to make mistakes, but I’m sure she won’t do that again! So…