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That’s A Wrap! The Latest Automotive News From Around The Web – June 11, 2021, Iain Shankland, That’s A Wrap!

Highlights from this past week include: A completely new 2022 Ford Maverick pickup truck; Updates to the Hyundai IONIQ 5 & Kia EV6 electric crossovers; Chips continue to wreak havoc in the auto world; kids of the future will breathe easier going to school; Nissan has announced an announcement.

Hyundai, Iain Shankland, That’s A Wrap!

Last week Hyundai revealed the specs and features for its IONIQ 5 electric crossoverclick HERE for more

Here’s a good video review from Asian Petrolhead with a press car in in Korea…

Kia, Iain Shankland,

Releases the specs, range and variations of its 2022 EV6 electric crossover and we get the price- estimates too! Although related to the Hyundai IONIQ 5, they are completely different. Click HERE for details

Here’s a good video review from Asian Petrolhead at the launch in Korea…

Blue Bird Charges Ahead With 500 Electric School Buses In North America, Iain Shankland, That’s A Wrap!

School bus manufacturer Blue Bird announced the milestone of 500 electric-powered school buses delivered, or on order as of June 2, 2021. As the only school bus manufacturer that produces and sells all three school-bus body configurations in EV, Blue Bird expects its electric bus sales to accelerate through the rest of 2021.

Phil Horlock, president and CEO of Blue Bird Corporation said, “We are committed to providing school bus fleets with safe, clean-power transportation, and with electric-powered buses it’s easy to see how students and the community can benefit. Across North America, Blue Bird school buses transport more than eight million children to school each day; by eliminating harmful NOx emissions from the tailpipe, we are protecting students against the risk of asthma and lung disease. Safe, clean transportation is our priority.”

He added: “In anticipation of the growth in demand, we’ll be increasing our EV production capacity to 3,000 units next year. We fully expect that by 2030, nearly 100% of our sales will come from EV school buses.”

Blue Bird manufactures school buses at two facilities in Fort Valley, Georgia. Its Micro Bird joint venture operates a manufacturing facility in Drummondville, Quebec, Canada.

Full press release HERE

Tesla logo - 612


According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Tesla has had to raise prices “due to major supply chain price pressure industry-wide. Raw materials especially.”

He also tweeted that fear of running out is causing every company to over-order – like the toilet paper shortage, but at an epic scale.

Speaking of chips…

Nissan, Iain Shankland, That’s A Wrap!

Nissan delays release of flagship electric CUV due to chip shortage. Originally planned for a mid-2021 sales launch, the Ariya’s launch has been pushed to year-end in some markets, more likely 2022 in most markets.

Ford, Iain Shankland, That’s A Wrap!

It’s been three weeks since the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning was revealed and reservations for the pickup were also opened up. So far the number of reservations has reached 100,000. At $100 down to secure Ford F-150 Lightning reservations, Ford have $10 MILLION to sit on until the deliveries start around the spring of 2022. Hats off to Ford for financing the production before having to deliver the first product – yet another trend Tesla should get the full credit for.

NON- Electric News…

 Ford, Iain Shankland, That’s A Wrap!

The 2022 Ford Maverick reveal was revealed to the world on Tuesday (June 8th). Our detailed info on the latest perfect-sized truck from Ford –  HERE, Iain Shankland, That’s A Wrap!

Full specs listed at FordAuthority HERE

 Kia, Iain Shankland, That’s A Wrap!

The All-New 2023 Kia Sportage Debuts

Available in several global markets it is set to be launched later this year as a 2022 model. The European-specification version is to follow in September, and the North American variant that will carry the 2023MY moniker will to debut probably next year – in order to be designated a 2023. More information and pictures HERE


Toyota unveiled their all-new 2022 Land Cruiser – the first all-new version since 2007 (15 years) – and it’s… butt-ugly.

Thankfully we won’t be getting them in North America, so we can put away those sick-bags for now, but it’ll probably arrive as a Lexus though, so imagine that front end blinged out in chrome. If you want more info click HERE

Nissan, Iain Shankland, That’s A Wrap!

Nissan has announced an announcement. On August 17th they’ll unveil the All-New Z sports car in NYC. Formerly known as the Z Proto Concept when it was unveiled in September last year, it’ll be officially known as the Z (unless they change it again) except in Japan, where it will be called the Fairlady Z. Sources claimed that the Z would start at $34,995 (U.S.) – a very attractive price for a twin-turbo V6 with 400 hp, well below the Toyota Supra., Iain Shankland, That’s A Wrap!

And Finally…  

Tesla crash

 That’s A Wrap! For this week. Until next time…

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