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2020 Ford Mustang GT – Road Test

We were long overdue for a sports car to drive. It’s not been for the lack of trying, they are always scooped up long before the rest of the press vehicles. Finally, the time has come for us to get behind the wheel of the 2020 Mustang GT and we’re not wasting any time … we’re going to be driving it anywhere and everywhere.

What Is It?

  • Large sports car – a true icon for 55 years now
  • 0L V8
  • 6-Speed Manual Transmission with Rev Matching
  • RWD
  • 4-passenger (actually 2, the rear is a tight fit even for kids)

How Does It Look?

  • Awesome!
  • The test model came in “Race Red” with matching Showstopper Red Recaro Leather Seats
  • The 19” rims on the test vehicle are optional (+$1,500) and I think they look pretty good – I like them, but don’t love them

What’s It Like Inside?

  • Centre dash is attractive and offers a bit of a retro feel, but with modern-looking features and buttons – I really like the look
  • The 12” LCD Digital Instrument Cluster with MyColor looks just like regular analog gauges, with the added bonus of multi-choice visuals
  • The Recaro leather trimmed sport seats (+ $1,800) are comfortable and fit nice and snug – I doubt someone bigger than me would appreciate how restrictive they are however. I’m 5’ 7” and not fat, so if you’re bigger than me… you’ll want to sit in them for a while to see if they’ll be comfortable. There is very little adjustments to be had – fore and aft, seatback tilt and the driver gets height adjustment – all manual adjustments – oh, and they are NOT heated
  • Standard seats are Leather-Trimmed, Heated and Cooled Seats with memory settings… do you really want to give that up for the Recaros?
  • The optional B&O sound system comes with 12 speakers, a trunk subwoofer and a CD player (what?!!) is superb and a bargain at $1,000
  • The Showstopper Red (two-tone) interior is optional at no extra cost – I love the two-tone interior, but this option wouldn’t look good on a blue mustang for instance
  • Trunk space is surprisingly generous – way bigger than I was expecting at 13.5 cu.ft. (383 L) the rear seats backs fold 50/50 for additional space

So How Quick Is It & How Does It Handle?

  • It’s pretty quick…as in the light turns green, you go and everyone else is still sitting there…and you’re now 1 km down the road – and you didn’t even dump the clutch!
  • It’s impossible NOT to have fun in this car – it’s breathtaking and exhilarating at the same time
  • Even without breaking the speed limit (much) in the city, it’s sooo much fun to drive
  • The back end of the GT is very tail-happy and you need to be gripping the wheel when you blast around corners. We’ve all witnessed the YouTube videos of idiots crashing their Mustangs after coming out of a coffee shop… that’s why – too much gas, very few brain cells and not realizing they’ve over-cooked it and easing off the go pedal
  • Must have: The GT Performance Package ($4,200) adds bigger summer tires – P255/40R19 front, P275/40R19 rear (P235/50R18 all-season come standard); the nice-looking Performance Rear Wing and all-important for fun; 3.73 limited-slip axle. It also adds a ton of other stuff – see for the complete list
  • Selectable-effort Electric Power-Assist Steering (EPAS) makes an instant difference when you employ it
  • Brakes are superb (6-piston Brembo calipers on the front) they just grab – make sure your passenger isn’t holding a hot coffee when you stomp on them!
  • Must have: MagneRide Dampening System (+ $2,500) responds 1,000 times per second for each damper, resulting on a smoother, balanced ride – would I buy that? Yes…the Mustang rides nice and smooth over bad roads and doesn’t beat you up for it. You either pay Ford upfront or your chiropractor by the week
  • Must have: Active Valve Performance Exhaust with Quiet Time mode – $1000. This is worth the price of admission alone! If nothing brings a smile to your face (and your neighbors – unless it’s 1am), this will – every time

Horsepower: 460 @ 7,000 rpm (93-octane fuel)
Torque:  420 @ 4,600 rpm (93-octane fuel)
Top Speed:   250 km/h / 155 mph (limited)
0-60 mph (sec): 4.3

What Does It Cost? For up-to-date pricing and options visit:    or

To Buy…
Mustang GT base price: $33,485
Mustang GT Premium base price: $48,025 (39,852 on line)
As Tested: $64,325

To Operate…

  • Rated at (L/100 km): City -15.0 / Highway – 9.1 / Combined – 12.3
  • We averaged 13.0 L/100 km being very aggressive with the gas pedal, in a combination of city/highway driving during the entire week, so much better than expected
  • At a steady 100 kph I got a very good 8.0 L/100 km
  • At 120 kph I was getting about 8.6 L/100 km


  • Basic: 3 years/60,000 km
  • Powertrain: 5 years/100,000 km
  • Roadside Assistance: 5 years/100,000 km

FordPass Connect

  • FordPass Connect allows you to remotely lock and unlock your vehicle, start your vehicle, remote start your vehicle on a schedule, and operate the climate control system using your smartphone or iPhone.
  • Additionally, you can locate your vehicle, check for recalls, call roadside assistance and check approximate fuel range. FordPass also helps you find fuel and compare prices. Find, reserve and pre-pay for parking in select locations. Plus, get help 24/7 from a trained team of Ford Guides
  • 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot lets passengers connect tablets, laptops and smartphones. It includes a complimentary 3-month or 3GB data trial

SecuriLock Passive Anti-Theft System comes standard, but the optional Enhanced Security Pkg ($700) is more than just an Anti-theft system. It includes one unique locking lug nut per wheel AND an electronic locking centre console, electronic steering-column lock, active Anti-Theft System, so there’s no fear of you coming out in the morning and your car is gone – or it’s sitting on the ground

The Competition
Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Challenger

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  • The Good: Everything about the Mustang GT is GOOD
  • The Bad: I wasn’t 100% sold on the Recaro seats – perfect fit for me and the wife, but not sure if I’d want to live with them on a daily/yearly basis – my wife reports having a customer who completely loves the Mustang but his towering height, burly build and the tight fight prevented the purchase
  • The Ugly: Nothing – honestly. This car is amazing, if I had kids, I’d sell them to buy one!

What’s The Verdict? 
The Mustang GT is the quintessential American sports car. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the Dodge Challenger, but it feels bigger and bulkier. The Mustang does everything you could ask for in a big brawny way – it’s not competing with a Porsche – or anything else from Europe/Asia.

From the second you push that start button until you put it in park and press it again to switch it off, you have a HUGE grin on your face and so does your passenger. My face still hurts from smiling so much.

With a base price of $48k, the Mustang GT is well worth the money, but ticking some of the option boxes gets the price up pretty quick. However, you’re getting some very unique add-ons – and in some cases you’d be a fool not to order them. If you’re smart you’ll wait until Ford is offering Employee pricing and delivery allowance – it knocks $10,000 off the price!! Bargoon if you ask me…I’ll have mine in Grabber Lime, please… Unfortunately, my wife will tell you that you can’t wait until Employee pricing because by then it’s Fall and the best stock has been depleted.

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