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Vehicles Making Their Canadian Debut At The Canadian International AutoShow (Part 2), Iain Shankland, @cdnintlautoshow, #CIAS2019, #CanadianInternationalAutoShow

In Part 1: Horsepower & Speed we highlighted the powerful new vehicles at the show, be it supercars or pickup trucks. This time we’re focusing on the future of the automobile and transportation as we’ll come to know it.

Like it or not – EV’s are going to dominate all modes of transport in our future and that’s for the better.

Already China has cities that have ditched the diesel and run exclusively on electric buses… bye bye diesel fumes.

In the U.K. they are pressing forward with electric commuter trains and the infamous black cabs (taxis) are being muscled aside with the new EV variant.

Time to check out this years’ EV future and present, Iain Shankland, @cdnintlautoshow, #CIAS2019, #CanadianInternationalAutoShow

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Part 2: EV’s & Electric Power (The Future)

The all-electric SUV Audi e-tron is equipped with an entirely new Quattro all-wheel-drive system, intelligent technology and superior performance that makes driving practical for everyday life with limitless possibilities. The exterior was designed to minimize drag and maximize range. Inside is two large touchscreens that control everything from navigation to climate and the Audi Virtual Console offering unique displays and, Iain Shankland, @cdnintlautoshow, #CIAS2019, #CanadianInternationalAutoShow

The new Audi Q3 is a family SUV with great all-round talents. In the second generation, it appears not only visually more self-confident, but offers far greater utility value thanks to abundant space, comprehensive adaptability and many practical details. Just like the Audi top-of-the-line models, it features a digital operating and display concept, extensive infotainment solutions and innovative assist systems. These ensure additional comfort, as does the enhanced suspension.

The all-electric, high-performance Genesis Essentia Concept is the brand’s first battery-electric vehicle and features a lightweight carbon-fiber monocoque, a robust, multi-motor electric powertrain and a custom-tailored interior. Essentia is the brand’s initial concept for a true GT car and challenges the status quo as the ultimate manifestation of Genesis design and engineering. As a capable, thrilling sports car designed to counter the complexities of a modern lifestyle, Essentia offers serenity, clarity and beauty.

Genesis Essentia Concept,, Iain Shankland, @cdnintlautoshow, #CIAS2019, #CanadianInternationalAutoShow

The Infiniti QX Inspiration is the latest concept vehicle from Infiniti representing the brand’s electrified future and the beginning of a new era. The development of this new electric vehicle platform allows for a spacious, lounge-like interior with technology following the Japanese principle of omotenashi, creating a welcoming environment while assisting drivers and connecting occupants to the world around them.

The first fully electric vehicle in the Mercedes-Benz roster, the EQC SUV boasts the quality, safety, comfort and performance expected from a Mercedes-Benz. It features an all-new drive system with electric motors at the front and real axles, giving the EQC the driving characteristics of all-wheel drive and generating a combined output of 402 horsepower and a preliminary range of 450 kilometres (according to the European NEDC). It comes equipped with Mercedes me connect, which provides a comprehensive suite of services to seamlessly connect drivers to changing infrastructure, making electro-mobility convenient and suitable for daily driving.

With dual electric motors, all-wheel drive and an aggressive re-styled body, the Nissan NISMO Leaf RC demonstrates how electric vehicle technology can deliver exciting yet quiet zero-emission power.  It is powered by two electric motors at opposite ends of the chassis, producing 322 combined horsepower and an astounding 472-lb. ft. of instant torque to the wheels. They more than double the maximum power and the torque output of the previous LEAF NISMO RC, which was introduced in, Iain Shankland, @cdnintlautoshow, #CIAS2019, #CanadianInternationalAutoShow

The Volkswagen I.D. Crozz all-electric SUV concept carries the future of automotive technology, from voice-activated doors to planned self-driving technology. It is powered by an 83 kWh lithium-ion battery pack with an electric motor on each, Iain Shankland, @cdnintlautoshow, #CIAS2019, #CanadianInternationalAutoShow

Volkswagen’s first electric racecar, the I.D. R made its racing debut at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, and subsequently became the first car to complete the trek in less than eight minutes.

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