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Tesla Model 3 – Is It Everything You Thought It Would Be?

Road-Test.org, Iain Shankland

Here are some of the first pictures of the Tesla Model 3 from last night’s official launch.

Is it everything you thought it would be? Was all the hype worth it? Will YOU buy one when they should be available to us in about 2 years time (probably longer)? Deliveries start sometime in late 2017 (assuming no issues) with West Coast customers getting them first, before expanding east and world-wide.

I’m a bit underwhelmed… I thought they would have made it a bit better looking than the Model S – not just a smaller version of it. However the stats are impressive. With a 0-60 mph of 6 seconds for the slowest version and a minimum EPA-rating of 215 miles (346 kms) on a single charge – say goodbye range anxiety for 95% of the population. Here’s hoping I’m wrong…

Musk insists the base price will be $35,000 U.S. before government incentives, but I fear by the time the majority of people can actually purchase it – those incentives will have disappeared or clawed back to the point that they will be insignificant to the actual purchase.

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