Ford Breaks 17-year sales record – Once Again Best-selling Auto-maker & Best-selling Vehicle In Canada

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OAKVILLE, Ont., January 5, 2015 – Ford Motor Company of Canada Ltd. is the top-selling automaker in Canada for the fifth consecutive year, marking its best year of sales since 1997.  The Ford F-Series was the top-selling pickup in Canada for the 49th consecutive year, as well as the best-selling vehicle in Canada for the fifth year in a row.

“We delivered another top-selling year by focusing all our efforts on what’s right for our customers,” said Dianne Craig, president and CEO, Ford Motor Company of Canada, Ltd.  “We are so thankful for the loyalty of our customers and the commitment of our dealers that resulted in a strong 2014.”

Sales increases in December were experienced across the line-up with total car sales up by 76 percent. Ford Focus, Fusion and Fiesta were up 37 percent, 73 percent and 67 percent respectively.

F- Series was up 37 percent in December with the all-new 2015 F-150 hitting dealerships throughout the month of December.

The reinvention of the Lincoln brand led to an overall sales increase of 17 percent in 2014.

“The new Lincoln is clearly resonating with consumers with new products like the all-new Lincoln MKC, Lincoln’s first small premium utility vehicle,” said Craig.

2014 Highlights:

  • Ford is the best-selling automaker in Canada for the fifth consecutive year
  • Best year of sales since 1997
  • Ford F-Series is the best-selling pickup in Canada for the 49th consecutive year
  • Ford F-Series is the best-selling vehicle in Canada for the fifth year in a row
  • Lincoln sales increase 17%
  • Ford SUV sales increase 16%
  • Ford hybrids sales increase 15%

December Highlights:

  • Ford Fiesta sales increase 67%
  • Ford C-Max sales increase 82%
  • Ford Focus sales increase 37%
  • Ford Fusion sales increase 73%
  • Ford Taurus sales increase 85%
  • Ford Transit Connect sales increase 70%
  • Ford Escape sales increase 11%
  • Ford Edge sales increase 20%
  • Ford Explorer sales increase 22%
  • Ford F-Series sales increase 37%
  • Overall Lincoln sales increase 61%
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